Fantasy piano & metal project created by Roman Anufriev, composer and song writer. Music of Deatharmony features orchestral, dream-folk, symphonic metal arrangements and is inspired by orchestral metal bands like Haggard and Lacrimosa as well as by classical composers of baroque and romanticism. Here, you’ll find orchestral covers of metal songs, fantasy piano music, and various orchestral experiments. Musical scores and mp3 are available below for free.


Here you can find recent compositions and download their mp3 for free.

Fantasy piano music

Playlist of my piano experiments mainly arranged with fantasy or dream-folk ambience.
Deatharmony · Deatharmony - Fantasy Piano Music

Orchestral metal & covers

My symphonic metal traks and orchestral covers of songs from other bands.
Deatharmony · Deatharmony - Orchestral metal & Covers

Musical scores

Music must be free, so here you can always download free sheet music in pdf and other formats. If you are looking for scores of other compositions or wish to make a cover, I can send you midi files or other materials, so don’t hesitate to contact.

  • Substantial Sympathy ∙ PDFMSCZ
  • Lonely Lyon ∙ PDFMSCZ
  • Nurka’s Song ∙ MIDI
  • Winter Entropy ∙ PDF
  • Happy Indifference ∙ PDFSIB
  • Empty Empathy ∙ PDFSIB
  • Endless Promenade ∙ PDFSIBGP5
  • Elan (Piano version) ∙ PDFGP5
  • Nostalgic Delusion (Lunatic Sonata) ∙ PDFSIBGP5
  • Neofatalism (Lunatic Sonata) ∙ PDFMSCZ
  • Futile Escapism (Lunatic Sonata) ∙ PDFGP5
  • Beyond and Away ∙ PDFSIBGP5