• Gethsemane (Nightwish Cover)

    An orchestral cover of Nightwish’s Gethsemane in collaboration with amazing vocalist Elmas. This is the first composition in which I actually recorded me playing piano, so all the sloppiness that you hear is supposed to bring you warm filing of human touch, enjoy it! :)

  • Sleepwalker (Nightwish cover)

    This is perhaps my most “professional” record to date. It’s an orchestral cover of Nightwish’s Sleepwalker featuring Elmas and her breathtaking voice and Amr with his true metal guitars! After all, collaborating with real people was not all so scary )

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  • Fairy Tale

    And the award for the fakest flute goes to Deatharmony !) Symphonic metal instrumental composition with orchestral sound and dark fantasy ambience. Here I experimented with transitions from intimate mysterious orchestral moments to epic guitar riffs, and used some elvish voices to create sort of fairy tale atmosphere.
    Beautiful artworks by Sylar113

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  • Tale Begins

    In this instrumental composition I tried to blend traditional Russian instruments, (balalaika, domba, bayan and others) with conventional orchestra in attempt to create somewhat epic sound keeping “native, folk” touch of the village ambiance.

  • Shudder Before The Beautiful (Nightwish cover)

    My full instrumental / orchestral cover of Shudder Before The Beautiful from the latest Nightwish album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”.
    It’s similar to my orchestral version of Elan for the Nightwish cover contest.

  • Surreal Sanity

    Dramatic piano instrumental music with the dark / surreal ambient, similar to my previous composition “Endless promenade”.

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  • Endless Promenade

    New dark piano composition inspired by music from Tanz Der Vampire, some compositions by Peter Gundry and of course by Frederic Chopin! In this composition I experimented with Russian native instruments trying to create a dark vampire sound. Besides there is an almost real video clip to this music, so make sure to check the video below!

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  • Narratio Prima

    A new neoclassical metal composition “Narratio Prima” with a video clip that tells the story of classical astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus and his legendary book “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”.
    If you like neoclassical metal bands like Haggard or Dark Moor this music is for you.

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